Aaah Solfest. How could we not? A firm favourite of many of the Melodrome crew Solfest takes place in beautiful of West Cumbria. With mountains to the front, mountains to the back, mountains to the left and …in fact there are mountains all the way round… whichever way you look at it … The Hills were Alive with the sound of the Melodrome for 3 full days of jam packed tasty entertainment with the spectacular Cumbrian backdrop.

Providing entertainment in a curiously created corner of a circular field ( yes the impossible was definitely possible ) both Minidrome and Melodrome populated the usually empty Cumbrian air space with tunes , giggles, theatricals, dancing and pleasure…. and the tummies of the acts with tasty food.  Gentle entertainers filled the stage throughout the days and the audiences sat with their fine china tea filled receptacles and wowed away their days before DANCING THEIR PANTS OFF ALL EVENING  to the likes of the mighty Dohnut,  The Manfredis, The Stroller Priests, Fire Beneath the Sea and Lyons a La Zel .

Theatrical delights courtesy of the Feminist Mouse Circus (taxidermy and politics rubbing up against each other in an informal, educative show for children and their adults) held families enthralled with their daring antics.

Rimski ‘s Piano took the stage to a whole new dimension when dressed in top hat and tails he pedalled his upright around the stage, manipulated the piano pedals, played many a love song, set fire to his piano, set fire to his top hat , set fire to his tails , danced on said piano , extinguished all fires, lost his love, refound his love , drank from a magic chalice and fiddled…endlessly fiddled with his magical musical machine…… and that was just his warm up !!!

Smiles …miles and miles of smiles …The creator and mastermind of the Magikal Melodrome himself..The now deceased but ever present Mr Chas Ambler would have been proud of his strange ship and all who came along with her… both audience and performers alike.




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